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Cruz Fitness Results clients are happy, satisfied, loyal and fit. Many of our clients tell us how much they love the personalised experience that our one-to-one personal training sessions provide. We hope that their success serves as an inspiration to you.



24, Senior Accountant 

I’m happy to say I have been Fernando’s client for over a year now and training with him has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. He has helped rebuild my confidence and feel good about myself.

When I first started training, I was completely clueless about fitness. Fernando eased my way into training, helped improve my fitness, tone up and helped keep me motivated with his diverse workout programmes, which were tailored to my ability.

Fernando’s vast amount of specialised knowledge, experience and dedication to helping you achieve your goals is what sets him apart from other personal trainers. You know you are in good hands from the very first session.

He ensures that you give every session 100% with the help of his positive and supportive attitude. This has helped me achieve far more than I ever expected and look forward to continue our training.

I would thoroughly recommend training with Fernando. Whatever your goals are he will listen and identify how to help you achieve them.



42, Creative Director 

“I have been training with Fernando for three years now and I don’t think I have ever had the same session twice. When I started I wasn’t very strong and didn’t have a great cardio base but he built both up slowly and steadily so sessions with him were never a difficult chore, just a rewarding challenge. Now I am fit and strong. As I run for cardio we mostly focus on varied and dynamic strength training as well as some HIIT work. Whether we train in person or, as recently, remotely the sessions are brilliant.”


73, Reporter

For the past few months I have been spending the most energetic and enjoyable half hours in the company of Fernando Davy.......BOXING!!

Yes, at my age.... who’d have thought it?
It began when he approached me at the gym where I go regularly to put myself through a routine aimed at keeping me fit.

He asked me if I’d like to try my hand at boxing, and being a sucker for punishment I said Yes.
It’s turned out to be the best decision I could have made.
Fernando is endlessly patient. He needs to be! I’m his oldest pupil and undoubtedly the slowest on the uptake. But I’ve learned to throw punches, float like an elderly butterfly and sting like a ... gnat!

He’s even had me doing squats and star jumps, which I wouldn’t do for ANYONE else!

Boxing is all about anticipation and quick reactions, things we can all do with honing, especially as we get older. 

I couldn’t recommend boxing with Fernando more highly.


45, Designer

Been working with Fernando since January 2020, we did a bit of training a few years back but i wasn't motivated.

This time upon climbing along some Spanish coastline my thighs sore from chaffing, out of breath, realising i had become out of shape properly. And texted Fernando to help me.

Been working with Fernando twice a week, in person and remotely on Lock down. Setting achievable weekly tasks, and he always has the measure of my fitness, as i seem to always be injuring myself somehow. And adjusts the routines accordingly.

Working with Fernando, i have lost over 2 and half stone maybe more stopped counting, reduced my blood pressure which was giving me headaches. And some parts of my stomach even go in and not out...

I generally feel a lot more confident in pandemic extinction events going forward.